TACAC Membership List Rental

TACAC allows individuals, firms, and agencies to "rent" the membership list on a one-time per-use basis.  An application must be submitted and must be accompanied by a sample of the material or instrument (e.g., letter or flier) to be distributed.  The Executive Assistant will determine the suitability of the items to be distributed and approve or deny the request for the member list.  If approved, the member list will contain members' name, title, institution, mailing address and e-mail address only.  Phone and fax are not included.

Use and Purpose

Non-member or commercial use: marketing products and services to TACAC members; non-profit information/research use: disseminating information to TACAC members; members' information/research use: disseminating information to TACAC members and for official business purposes.

File Choices

The full TACAC membership list, college/university members only, or secondary school members only may be requested.  Lists can be delivered via e-mail as an Excel file or a comma delimited file.  Lists can be sorted alphabetically by last name or institutional name or by zip code order.


  • Commerical Use
    • Full List $400
    • Partial List $200
  • Information/Research Use
    • Full List $200
    • Partial List $100