A Message from our President

I believe that we can all agree on one thing, this has been a year of great shifting and change. We have all adapted and have transitioned our daily jobs to accommodate learning in a virtual setting. This year has been a test to us all on many levels, in both our professional and personal lives. I am proud to say that TACAC has been successful with transitioning our affiliate to meet the needs of our members during this worldwide pandemic. Never in a million years did I think our world would drastically change and cause us all to step back and focus on what is really important. I believe that all of us truly value the importance of strong relationships and I feel that this organization has been a stronghold for many of us. TACAC is more than a professional organization; we are truly a family unit.

We are charged with the task to advocate for our students and other professionals within our state and on the national level. In my current role at a large public high school, I have seen how important it is to advocate for legislative changes to the education system. Both sides of the desk must receive training and understanding of mental health awareness. This is something that is not going away as more and more students are experiencing these symptoms and entering post-secondary institutions, not to mention what we have all experienced during this worldwide pandemic. We must be equipped to serve and assist those who are in need. As we continue to grow our reach and impact as a professional organization, TACAC needs to be a consistent force and a reliable source to lean on when legislation about education arises. TACAC plays a vital role in assisting families to and through their journey in higher education. As a professional organization, it is our job to stay relevant and present in these ever-changing times of college admissions. I plan to ensure that we are partnering with other professional development groups who have the same vision as ours when it comes to developing professionals who want to support ethical practices concerning student rights and the college admissions process. 

So, now I ask my members this question - are you ready to grow with me? Are you up to the challenge to put pressure on those at the state and national level and be a voice for fellow professionals here in Texas? Will you help us and consider getting involved in one of our many committees? Are you ready for change, no matter how large or small it may be? I hope that over this next year you are ready to grow with me. What does "grow with me" mean?" Remember that we are all TACAC. We all put the students we serve first. We all hold each other accountable. We all do this for that “tingly feeling” of success when the lightbulb goes off for the student we have been tracking down for months. We rely on each other for inspiration and rejuvenation. 

Now is the time to start thinking now about how you want to grow within TACAC and be ready to answer to advocate for change. I look forward to growing with you as your President and learning with you during this next year. 

Have a wonderful summer! 

Demetra Durham, President 2021-2022