Membership Benefits

Welcome to the Texas Association for College Admission Counseling (TACAC), where we are dedicated to promoting access to post-secondary education for all Texans. TACAC is an organization dedicated to the ongoing support and development of all professionals in our field whether you are a seasoned professional (check out our Middle Management Institute) or brand new to college admissions counseling (our Admissions and College Counseling Institute is just for you!). 

We develop our members as leaders through our Leadership Development Institute and give them the tools they need via our Diversity Peer Educator program to be active participants in ally-ship and to be a part of a community of learners that support understanding, respect, and appreciation for all people. 

We also enable admission professionals who work with students from under-represented populations and who work in a setting adversely affected by budget cuts or limitations to participate in professional development opportunities through our Fellows Program

Join TACAC today and unlock a world of resources, community, education and training, and networking opportunities! 

Resources & Tools
At TACAC, we believe in equipping our members with the necessary resources and tools to excel in their profession. As a member, you will have access to:
  • Employment Postings: Stay up to date with the current job openings in college admissions. Our resources page provides valuable information on available positions, and more.
  • Online Resource Library: Gain exclusive access to our extensive field relevant information, and toolkits. Whether you need guidance on counseling techniques, career development, or policy updates, our resource library has you covered.
  • Webinars and Workshops: Enhance your professional skills through our engaging webinars and interactive workshops. Industry experts and seasoned professionals will share their knowledge and strategies on various topics, including student engagement, diversity in admissions, and college counseling techniques.

TACAC is a vibrant community where college counseling professionals come together to support one another. As a member, you'll enjoy:

  • Online and In-Person Events: Engage in meaningful conversations with your peers, exchange ideas, and seek advice from experienced professionals across the state. Our programming opportunities provide a platform for collaboration and networking.
  • Mentorship Program: Connect with seasoned mentors who can guide you in your professional journey. Benefit from their expertise, gain valuable insights, and build lasting relationships within the college admissions community.
  • Annual Conference: Join us at our flagship event, the Annual Conference, where you'll have the opportunity to network with colleagues, attend thought-provoking sessions, and discover innovative practices in college admissions. This event is designed to foster personal and professional growth, offering unparalleled networking, and learning opportunities.
Education & Training

Continuous learning is vital in the rapidly evolving field of college admissions. TACAC offers:

  • Professional Development Webinars: Attend specialized webinars that address the evolving needs of college counselors. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest technologies, admission strategies, and counseling techniques.
  • Continuing Education Credits: Enhance your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise by attending many of our workshops and sessions and receiving CE credits. Your credits will be accessible through the member center on our site.
  • Legislative Updates: Stay informed about legislative issues that impact college admissions and secondary education in Texas. TACAC actively monitors and advocates for policies that promote fair and ethical practices, ensuring the rights of students are protected.

Building strong professional networks is essential for personal and career growth. TACAC offers various networking opportunities, including:

  • Regional Events: Attend local events and connect with professionals in your area. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and forge meaningful relationships that can help you excel in your career.
  • Online Networking Portal: Our dedicated networking portal enables you to connect with professionals from across the state. Expand your network, seek advice, and explore new career opportunities.
  • Committee Involvement: Join one of our committees focused on specific areas of interest, such as diversity and inclusion, admission practices, or government relations. Collaborate with like-minded professionals and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Join TACAC today and become a part of a community that values service, professionalism, mutual respect, cooperation and communication, creativity and innovation, diversity and individualism, and ethics. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of Texas students and promote access to higher education for all.