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Upcoming Webinars:  

October 22
12 PM
How to Submit Successful Funding and Conference Session Proposals for TACAC and NACAC
Presenters: Keith Ahee from Sam Houston State University, Ally Landis from the University of Tulsa, Micah Lyles from The Hockaday School, and Rob Mooring from St. Agnes Academy.

Ever wonder what committees are looking for when reviewing applications for funding and conference session proposals? Join TACAC leaders to learn tips and strategies for submitting successful applications for funding through TACAC or NACAC and conference session proposals.

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October 30
12 PM
What Happens When "Good Enough" Displaces "College Match"?
Presenter: Narietha Carter-McClain, College and Career Readiness Advisor at Elkins High School in Fort Bend ISD

The audience will learn how "Good Enough" seems to be replacing the precedent of "College Match". This presentation will tackle the complex issue of minoritized students' educational aspirations vs. their actual attainment and by doing so dive into the topic of social stratification affecting persons of color, women, and immigrant populations. This presentation's aim is to unpack how one's minoritized status overcomes or does not overcome barriers considering the educational and/or economic background of students' parents. 

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 November 5
12 PM
Benefits of a Gap Year
Presenters: Abby Lindsay, Partnerships Associate & Program Alum; Sade Ojoula, Admissions Manager; and Molly Weissman, Director of Communication and Outreach at Global Citizen Year

There are many false myths about what it means to take a gap year between high school and college. Well, they're just that - MYTHS. We'll go through popular myths, bust them, and share data on the benefits of taking a gap year. Because doing a gap year with purpose, instruction and mentorship is a totally different experience.

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 November 18
2 PM
Battling Imposter Syndrome: Embracing the Incredible Within You
Presenters: Adrienne Amador Oddi, Dean of Admissions at Trinity College (CT); Ann Marano, College Bound Advisor at Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School; and Tony Sarda, Director of Undergraduate Admission at St. Mary's University

Imposter Syndrome, the belief that personal inadequacies exist within us, is pervasive in our profession. This phenomenon makes us feel like outsiders, less than competent, or worse, like failures. Worse still, imposter syndrome is exacerbated by external factors like the juxtaposition of working to make the biggest impact on one’s environment versus being measured or acknowledged only by subjective criteria such as institutional affiliation and job title. Join us for a candid conversation on why we fall prey to this phenomenon and how we perpetuate it. We will also discuss how to build your squad of supporters so that we affirm and value the Incredible professionals we are. #StrongerTogether

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 November 23
12 PM
Using Framing Techniques To Improve Your Management
Presenter: Dalton Goodier, Admission Counselor at Texas Christian University

Organizational management is an important aspect of developing a strong office culture. This webinar will focus on four different "frames" leaders can use to improve the structure and actions of their office culture.

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 December 3
12 PM
How IECs and School Counselors Can Work Together Seamlessly
Presenters: Shannon Bergeron from Core College Consulting, Virginia Blackwell from College Direction Guidance Services, Aubrey Groves from Davis Groves Educational Services, LLC, Carole McPerson from Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) in Austin ISD, and Jeff Pilchiek from The Comprehensive College Check

In this webinar, we will have a panel of IECs and school counselors who will walk participants through strategies that allow us to all work symbiotically together to help high school students apply to college.

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 December 8
10 AM

Transfer Truths: Guiding Students through the Transfer Admission Path 
Presenter: April Yandell, Associate Director of Admission - Transfer at Texas Christian University and and Dr. Christi Grudier, Independent Educational Consultant at C.L.G. Educational Consulting

The transfer admission process is one that is often pursued yet rarely understood in its entirety. Many students find themselves in a position where they need to consider the option of transferring colleges - either with the intent to transfer from a community college to a university, or desiring to transfer from university to university. Students may choose to transfer for a number of reasons - financial, geographic, undecided major, academics, convenience, etc. Due to this growing trend, the presenters would like to offer support for counselors to have the transfer admission conversation more confidently. Our goal is to provide a clearer understanding and resourceful talking points for counselors to use when discussing the transfer option with their students. While the information should be insightful to all of our admission colleagues, we hope it is especially helpful to both high school and community college counselors.

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