Government Relations

TACAC Government Relations' main goal is advocating for students, counselors, and access to higher education.  

The mission of our organization is supported through the work of our committee as we strive to ensure that higher education is available to all students and that the transition from secondary to post-secondary education is strengthened. We work with government officials in Austin and Washington, DC, as well as allied organizations, closely monitoring state and federal policy proposals.

Our job is to keep the membership informed of policies that affect their jobs as educators. To that end, we periodically send out emails to notify membership of key legislation. We also solicit support when contacting your member of the State Legislature or the US Congress will be beneficial. In some cases we serve as experts to legislative bodies and propose legislation that will impact our communities. Collectively, we can fight for the rights of students and counselors.


Co-chairs: Narietha Carter-McClain & Bridget Adiukwu

Get Involved:

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